Zynn app has gone haywire by seating the top three of the iPhone apps surpassing its competitors Tiktok and the likes of Instagram and YouTube.

zynn app

The zynn app looks so much like TikTok. But it has something that makes it extraordinary. It pays users for watching any video and bring other people to sign up on the app.

The zynn app was launched in May 2020 and now it has gotten the attention of Americans. It has gone so high on the apple store and the android play store free app list.

You would be probably be surprised how the zynn app managed to reach the top chart and I am very sure you want to know how this happened. let’s talk about this app and how it got to its height.

What is zynn app?

Zynn app is that app that pays you for every video you watch on the. Basically the app is meant for watching live stream videos but it also has an affiliate program rewards you for anything you do.

Zynn app is owned by a Chinese company called Kuaishou, this company happens to be a rival of Douyin. Douyin is a Chinese developer of the TikTok app, the app got its app icon by the name, that’s why it has a “D” and not “T”.

These two companies are battling for a place in the US apps chat. The two apps share so much in common, for those making use of the TikTok app you probably would have seen ads relating to the zynn app and some videos on the zynn app were gotten from the TikTok.

Douyin was sued by kuashou in the month of May for competing with the company unfairly. With backbone high-class investor companies like Baidu and Tencent behind Zynn with an investment worth $2 billion. The fight is not ending anytime soon with the intervention of the Government.

The zynn got this investment from Tencent in a course of helping the app contain Bytedance that make Tiktok and Douyin

How does the zynn app work?

The zynn app is just as same as Tiktok. The only way you can differentiate both apps is that, the zynn app pays anyone for signing in. You get a pop up saying $1 has been put in your account.

If you make a referral of a friend you will be given $5, so referring 5 friends. You will get a sum of $20 with an extra $10 for every five friends you refer to.

To get started with the zynn app you will need your google account. Facebook account, twitter or probably you can use your mobile number to sign up. You will need to link to PayPal to get cash rewards.

You will be paid for every video you watch on the app when you the videos they would be converted to points. And you can convert these points to money or gift cards.

Most users have sent pictures of their receipt of payment on youtube. But some are still expecting their piece of cake. Turner Novak stated that the zynn app is nothing but just a pyramid referral scheme.

It’s quite difficult to get your gift after you signed and referred friends, zynn tends to offer you a gift card instead of money. But it’s still preferable than having nothing after watching videos.

The zynn app has gotten peoples to the interest of downloading its app. The app is lagging back with it visual content. But if they manage to get creators with legit standard, it will probably get pass it competitor, Tiktok, or take after it. Kuaishou is currently the company in charge of Zynn and it owns every content on the app.

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