The WWE legend Undertaker has announced he is retiring from wrestling in the final episode of the WWE episode. “The Last Ride”. He had his last match of the Wrestle mania against AJ styles in a Boneyard match.


Undertaker won AJ in a cinematic match that was shot in a different way because of the coronavirus pandemic. The phenom has won the WWE title seven times and he is one of the most highly thought wrestlers for a long time. The undertaker has made WWE interesting with the feuds he has with the likes of Kane, The Rock and Shawn Micheal, and other WWE stars.

Undertaker gave heartfelt comments following his retirement

Undertaker said, I am at a point and its time the cowboy rides away. There is nothing for me to win anymore. The game has changed and it is time for the new guys to come up. This time is quite the right time.

“The WWE documentary has helped me find that and opened my eyes to the bigger picture. “I can do more better outside the ring than been inside the ring. I am at the stage where I can say and accept that Undertaker is happy with how his career has been and the final match against AJ styles was the perfect ending.

He also said I believe I am at a place now. Post boneyard was a hellacious match against one of the best in WWE. Here you are climbing your bike and taking off.

There were a lot of emotions and thoughts, one of those is being happy enough with it. it was a powerful moment. you don’t always get one of those moments. If there was a perfect ending for a career there is was.

Undertaker made a hint of coming back to the WWE only if there was a case of emergency or if Vince Mc Mahon was in pinch. He was known for his streak at wrestle mania which he lost against Brock Lesnar at the 30th annual event.

In recent times he doesn’t feature in matches due to injuries and surgeries that have impacted his performance.

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