The Washington Redskins are stuck in the FedEx field unless the organization makes the decision of changing its name. The team has plans to relocate to a new stadium in the future. But their relocation from Maryland to the RFK stadium in Washington depends on the organization’s willingness to give another name to the club.


In a message from government officials, I call on dan Snyder once again to face the reality since he desperately wants to be in the country’s capital, Washington nonvoting house rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton said he has got a problem he can’t get around. Particularly he can’t get pass around it today after the George Floyd killing.

Washington mayor agrees with Norton on team name changing

Deputy Mayor john Falcicchio of Washington agreed with Norton. He said, there is no variable path whether federally or locally for the Washington football team to return to D.C. without changing the team name.

Washington Redskins plays in the FedEx stadium in Landover, Md currently. The Redskins showed interest in playing in RFK stadium after a bill was introduced by the federal government in 2019. They want to sell the land to the city. The bill won’t pass unless the land is used for the club with a different name.

Washington Redskins

The time for Redskin has ended, Grijalva said. There is no way to justify it. Its either you step into this century or you don’t. It depends on the owner of the club to do that.

Since 1933 the Washington team has been known as redskin. It was changed from Boston braves to Boston redskin. The team later went to the Washington area in the year 1937.

The redskin Nickname has been under critical observation since the involvement of the police and George Floyd in may. The name has been seen as racist by many people but the organization has settled in changing the name. Dan Snyder said he is not open to changing the name of the team because he sees it as an honor towards Native Americans.

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