The Washington Redskins will announce the change of the team’s nickname officially on Monday morning. However, a new name has not been revealed yet. It had been widely expected that Washington Redskins would change its name. According to a source on Saturday, that an announcement of a new name will be out soon.


According to the sports business daily, it was said that the new name will be announced but not very soon due to trademark issues that are still pending. On July 3 the franchise said it will go through a thorough review of its 87-year-old name that some people regard as been offensive. At that time, many sources said the team owner was involved in talks with the league about a possible new name.

Many sources said the team will be changed. However, nothing official has been heard from the team.

Snyder didn’t have any intention to change Washington Redskins name

Snyder has had forthy years and has resisted any consideration of changing the club name. Few people who have worked with Snyder said they believe he would prefer to sell the team instead of changing the name. He and the team have maintained the name and it was intended to honor Native Americans. As the climate of the environment change to the place of awareness of racial insensitivities.


The team name returned to its popular ways. Although some groups of investors have encouraged other brands to join the fight to switch the team’s name. Though, minority owners have urged Snyder to change the team name. Not until FedEx chairman who owns a stake of the team requested a change of name. As the issue remains uncertain about what the name will be, a source said Snyder is happy about it.

Snyder and the franchise were under pressure to switch the name after the protest against social injustice began following the death of George Floyd in May. A few weeks later after the death of Floyd, multiple sources said Snyder had been having conversations of the name for some weeks with the league. 87 investors signed a letter and shareholders with a total of $620 billion were sent to sponsors. (FedEx, Pepsi, Nike) asking them to stop doing business with the team only if the name was not changed.

FedEx gave the team a statement on July 2, saying that they wanted the name to be changed. Later, some sponsors also sent statements about the same issue. Amazon also said it would stop selling to Redskins Merchandise. Walmart and Target said the same. FedEx said it will remove its signage from the team stadium unless the name was before next season.

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