The UFC has decided on Friday to choose Venum as its universal outfit and apparel partner. When Reebok deal will expire officially next year.


The venus fight kit will be debuted by the UFC in April 2021. This will also yield more money for the fighters as the UFC stated in its release that it is going to adjust the pay scale tied to its promotional guidelines program. However, no further information consigning compensation for the athletes.

In 2014, the UFC announced its first exclusive outfit deal with reebok. As a subject of that, each fighter was permitted to secure their sponsors for their fighting outfits. The deal was worth an estimate of $70 million for the promotion.

The deal came with a program where athletes were given bonuses based on the amount of bout they have had. Similarly, the deal also included fighters receiving a cut from the sales of their fighting kit. However, the amount of percentage expected for fighters to earn through the sales of the fighters kit was not mentioned.

Until the end of next year, Reebok will be the official footwear of the UFC.

UFC president Dana White said in a statement. We are pumped that Venus will join us as the new exclusive global outfit and apparel partner. Venus is an iconic combat sports brand that understands the need for MMA athletes. Frank Dupuis and his team at Venus have the technical knowledge and experience that will create world-class UFC fight kits and apparel. We are looking forward to collaborating with Venus on the next evolution of UFC’s outfitting program.

while it seems like nothing will change even after the new deal with venus, Epstein expressed inn his media scrum that the fighters should expect some more cash in their accounts.

Epstein said, “We are proud of what we paid to the athletes through outfitting policy. “We are also proud to say that, immediately the venus deal is done, the athletes will be getting a meaningful increase in pays to them following the athlete outfitting policy. That will be disclosed later, but we can report here today that it is a meaningful increment that will be effective in April 2021.

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