Jordan Henderson has now become a winning Premier league captain which no one can take away from him. The Liverpool midfielder has competed for so many incredible journeys. From walking punchline to a Premier league winner after Liverpool was far from the title for 30 years.


It has not been easy for Henderson. sir Alex Ferguson had thought of him not running properly. Similarly, Brendan Rodgers wanted him to go to Fulham on transfer. Former captain, Steven Gerrard thought he was too safe. Surprisingly, he is a Premier League, European, and world champion. He has also become a Liverpool Icon.

In 2012 he was supposed to be transferred to Fulham but he insisted he wanted to play for Liverpool.

Henderson told Brenden Rodgers, No, I want to play for Liverpool. I am going to play for Liverpool. He settled in Liverpool and went on to prove to those people that doubted him. Some players in the Liverpool squad were among his doubters.

Jamie Carragher confirmed that Luiz Suarez would have a go at Henderson when he made a wrong pass, Gerrard considered him to be a player that is too safe.

Gerrard and henderson

From a statement gotten from Daily mail, Gerrard Said Henderson plays the easy or safe pass when I think sometimes he has a little more in his locker. He can open a defense and has got a decent syle of passes. But at times I think he plays it too safe.

Gerrard gave an epitome of what it meant to play for Liverpool and how worthy it is to wear a captain armband. It took Henderson sometime to show how worthy he is and stepped up and delivered.

Gerrard congratulates Henderson on Instagram

The former Sunderland midfielder took charge of captaincy from Gerrard in 2015 after the legend spent 17 years in the club. Gerrard wrote a congratulation message to Henderson on his Instagram post.

He said, Couldn’t have passed it to a better person. Proud of you @Henderson.

Gerrard also congratulated the team for winning the title on his Instagram. He said congratulations to all @liverpoolfc on winning the premier league.

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