Substitution Rule: After announcing the resumption of the English premier league, the premier league officials have also introduced new rules to the game. Following the German Bundesliga. The premier league officials have helped players ease their stress by letting teams make over 3 substitutions in a game.

Substitution Rule

The decision was made that teams are able to make not just 5 substitutions, they were also given the chance to add 2 more players the bench squad which was formerly 7 players. Teams only have the advantage of making changes after the first 45 minutes.

The rule was proposed by FIFA in other to help maintain the health of players while adding a huge amount of matches to be played in a few weeks to cover up for the last three months of the year.

When will the 5 man Substitution rule take effect?

The 5 substitution rule according to reports is to take effect temporally for the 2019/2020 premier season. The idea of the rule came from the proposal that Chelsea made and a vote was made by the premier league stakeholders to approve it.

The premier league will resume league matches on 17 June, which will kick start with a match against Aston Villa and Sheffield after a long term coronavirus break.

Clubs also consent to the rule of making use of neutral grounds for games, none the less most of the matches are bound to play in their home grounds, not minding the recent status of the pandemic in their locality.

According to drafted information, for some security reasons. The number of people to be present in every game should not be as usual. There should at most 300 people in the stadium while games are ongoing.

The temporary changes to the premier league were made by the International football association due to the resumption of leagues. Due to competitions been held, matches will be played in different weather conditions in a condensed time. This will have effects on the health of players.

Another concern was raised that teams resumed training in May, which wasn’t enough for them to get back to full fitness. Dr. Paul Catterson told BBC Radio 5, more injuries are expected at a high rate due to speedy training measures.

They also tabled a few reasons why the substitution medium will be carried out, which are.

Reasons for the 5 man substitution

  • Teams could be able to change tactics and change the game plans. So it’s possible for each team to substitute the complete midfield and change the game.
  • The fourth official has more work to do. The substitution Led board worth over $500, it ought to be lifted up high more often.
  • Teams restarted training in May and there has been enough time for training. This means players will easily get fatigue due to inadequate training.
  • There will an opportunity for reserve players who are barely used in matches, to show their skills.

The premier league board also contemplated on how the league will end. If all matches could be played completely, no decision has been made. It was adjourned until the resumption of the league.

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