Roy Keane was surprised by Harry Maguire and de Gea’s error for steven Bergwijn’s first goal for Tottenham against Manchester United on Friday.


Bergwijn helped spurs take the lead through the first half at white hart lane when he dribbled Maguire easily and dispatching a low central shot which de Gea was not able to keep out.

Roy Keane blast De Gea and Maguire

Roy Keane slammed Maguire for been easily dribbled. He didn’t express his criticism towards De Gea, saying he is sick to death of the overhyped Man United goalkeeper.

Roy Keane said, he was shocked at the goal, I have watched a lot of football matches but to give it away I am angry. It’s unbelievable that luke shaw heads the ball and runs forward, I am staggered at Maguire, staggered that an international player will be done in that way. I am sick to death of the goalkeeper de Gea.

It is surprising that this is an established international goalkeeper. I am really surprised. If I was Ole Gunnar, I would have made some changes and substituted some Lads of the pitch.

Tottenham have been okay, they have been compact. But I won’t allow Maguire and de Gea on the bus after the match let them get a taxi back to Manchester.

This is not the first time that Keane has been critical about de Gea. During the match against Everton that ended in a 1-1 draw in march. He accused De Gea of been arrogant after he tried to make a clearance that struck Dominic Calvert-Lewin which bounced into the net mistakenly.

Keane said we are trying to be in the top four not winning the trophy. It surprising and I am disgusted. Roy praised Pogba for doing well after recovering from injury. He also said Pogba has to be more consistent.

However, United fought back and got an equalizer after Bruno Fernandez scored a late penalty. But Keane was not satisfied with the draw.

Ole Gunnar react to Keane criticism

Ole Gunnar laughed at the criticism of de Gea and praised the wonderful strike that Bergwijn got that made take the lead for Tottenham. I am so disappointed with the goal that was scored from the first attempt.

David is a bit not happy about the goal, we reacted well, the ball was moving in the air and he made few saves after some minutes.

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