The competition between the two best footballers, Ronaldo and Messi in football history is something unending, starting from goals, trophies won, international caps, and awards.


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The competition between these two players will always continue as long as they still play football. This rivalry has always given soccer lovers all over the world something to talk about, if not goals it will be awarded but definitely there is always something these two will compete for.

Forbes has confirmed that Christiano Ronaldo has skyrocketed himself above all soccer players, hitting the block by earning $1 billion during his football career. This is now added amidst his reputations and has given fans something to talk about.

The long-awaited world record was set by the Portuguese forward, Christiano Ronaldo beating his fellow counterpart Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo has also booked a space in the world of sports as the third Athlete to hit the spot before fees and tax bills last year following Tiger woods who got it done in 2009. Following his long term endorsement deal with Nike and Floyd Mayweather. The welterweight boxer who did it in 2017 and has always made more through views of his boxing matches.

The record has also pushed Ronaldo to the spot of no 4 on the list of highest-paid celebrities amongst Kylie Jenner who tops the chart, Kanye West, and Roger Federer. Ronald surpassed Messi in earning last year by earning $105 million over Messi who earned $104 million.

Ronaldo is the only soccer player to earn the sum of 650 million dollars during his 17 years footballing career as a professional and is supposed to earn a total of 765 million dollars as salary after his current contract expires in June 2022.

Messi commenced his professional football career three years after Ronaldo. He has made a total of 605 million dollars as his salary since 2005. Alex Rodriguez, the former New York Yankee slugger was the only team athlete who has reached that height. Rodriguez retired after his 22 years career in baseball earning a total of 450 million dollars as his salary.

Ronaldo’s income in 2020 was slightly reduced by a 30% off salary due to the pandemic. He earned 60 million dollars. Messi who got an income of 104 million dollars in the past year also had a reduction of 70%. And is supposed to hit his $1 billion targets in the 2021.

Nick Harris told settimi that, it’s not surprising if Ronaldo is at the top of the richest football players. In a world of a popular sport. Ronaldo has been one of the best in the worlds history of football Harris whose sports survey ranks teams salaries. All over the world based on team salary expense said ronaldo is Box office.

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