The Premier league players will replace their jersey names with ‘black live matters’ for the first 12 matches to be played when league restarts. The logos on their shirt will also be replaced with a badge of the NHS. Thanking the NHS for well-done job during the pandemic crisis.


The English football league has also confirmed that the championship will also carry the NHS rainbow-thank you logo on their shirts.

Any player that takes a knee during the match will be supported by the premier league as well. German players have also made gestures with protesters as a means of solidarity.

A player said, we the player of the premier league stand together as one with the same objective of clearing racial prejudice anywhere it exist. In a course to bring society of respect, and the same opportunities for all not regarding difference in color and race.

The #blacklivesmatter #playerstogether symbols is a sign of peace and unity from the  league, it staffs and the players.

The premier league also shared their concern on twitter about the fight against racism.

During a friendly between Arsenal and Brentford at Emirates stadium, the players were seen taking knees before the match began.

Most premier league teams have already taken knees during training section which were shared on social media. The anti-racism kick it out had told players to feel free and take a knee in the pitch.

Borussia Dortmund striker Jadon Sancho and three other players were initially were investigated by the German authorities. They made a demonstration of the anti-racism support in solidarity of the murdered George Floyd.

None of the players were punished. However, the German football association said it would continue to support the display and players doing it.

The premier league action will resume on the 17 of June against Sheffield and Aston villa, Manchester city vs. arsenal.

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