The Brazilian and PSG star Neymar has been filed by the Brazilian gay activist for a criminal complaint for the case of homophobia. It was leaked from a comment when Neymar called his mother’s boyfriend an anti-gay slur.


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The office of prosecution in Sao Paulo has confirmed that criminal complaint against Neymar has been received. The case will be brought for examination and a decision will be made. After the examination a case might be brought against the Brazilian star.

Agripino Magalhaes the Gay activist, made a statement on Instagram. He has plans of setting charges against Neymar for the case of homophobia. Neymar will also face charges for death threat and hate speech.

From an audio that was recorded, Neymar the PSG striker. When discussing with his friends about a supposed fight between his mother and her boyfriend. Was heard uttering slur languages against Tiago Ramos, who is a boyfriend of his mother.

The 52 years old mother and Ramos who is 22, gave an announcement of their relationship in April. An unpleasant story about Ramos was later found in the Brazilian press tabloid about him been bisexual.

Neymar was discussing with his friends about the rumor that has got to them about his mother and Ramos having a violent fight. Police reports said that Ramos was hospitalized after sustaining an injury on his arm at Goncalves house.

Neymar did not consent when his mother told him that Ramos cut himself when he tripped off the stairs. In the record one of his friend was heard saying that Ramos should be assaulted. Inserting in his anus with a broomstick.

According to neighbors, there was a loud scream like a fight from the house at the night Ramos sustained the wound. None the less, Ramos and Goncalves testified that it was a domestic accident.

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