Netflix announced on Monday that Colin Kaepernick will be the main character in a new Netflix 6-part movie series produced by acclaimed director Ava DuVernay.


The series, “colin the black and white,” which was named after colin Kaepernick will explore the quarterback’s high school life. The movie will also Attempt to show the experiences and insights that led to his activism. In the movie, colin will act as a narrator with an actor playing as a youth in the drama of a black child that was adopted by a white family.

Kaepernick said during the release, “too often we see race and black stories acted through a white lens. We seek to give a new way to the different realities that black people pass through. We explore the racial conflicts I faced as an adopted black man in a white community during my high school period. It’s an honor to bring these stories alive for the world to see in collaboration with Ava Du Vernay.

The movie which was written by Michael Starbury will see Kaepernick Colin also be an executive producer for the series. The date for the release of the series has not been announced yet. Starbury and DuVernay has previously worked together on the Emmy-winning Netflix mini-series “when they see us” about the central park five case.

Colin Kaepernick brief History

Kaepernick who is 32, was born by a white father and black mother in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was adopted by a white family, Rick and Teresa Kaepernick in Turlock. They later moved from Wisconsin to California when colins was four years old.


Colin was selected by San Francisco in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft. In 2012 season after Alex smith was injured, he took charge as the 49ers starting quarterback in week 10. Kaepernick was still with the organization throughout the 2016 season.


He started the protest for racial injustice during the playing of the national anthem in 2016 during the preseason. However, he has not played in the NFL since. Starting a 25-23 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on January 1, 2017.

The 6 episode series was brought up in 2019. It was completed in May 2020, but the series has been given a date for the streaming.

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