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Mohamed Salah produced another dive after winning soft penalty

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah produced another dive after winning a soft penalty. Mohamed Salah fastened unto the error made by Ruben Dias and went right below the defender’s challenge.

Replays displayed that it was extremely soft as the Egyptian fell on the floor all by himself after a little tug by Dias.

Mohamed Salah

While VAR finally concurs with the decision made by Michael Oliver, it is very unlikely that they would have granted the penalty if Oliver had not.

Mohamed Salah poked the spot-kick however has since come in for condemnation for the way he gained it.

However, this wasn’t the last time that the Egyptian player saw himself on the turf after a little bit of contact from a City defender.

Some minutes later, the ball was played up by Mohamed Salah together with Oleksandr Zinchenko marking him tagging him closely.

Mohamed Salah threw himself on the floor just after the slightest of a jab from the City man and looked at Oliver.

The referee was having none of it absolutely this time.

This was an incident that was discussed on Reddit of which lots of fans were calling out Mohamed Salah for his ‘Fallon d’Or’ nomination.

Fans’ comment concerning Mohamed Salah

Below are the comments of some fans:

“Such a regular diver. He dives all around the pitch.”

“Throws his hands up and lifts his legs, every time. Made me cringe”.

Another added:

“Embarrassing” and another said:

“Divers gonna dive”.

Someone else also said that the Egyptian player was the “Biggest diver in the Premier League.”

This is actually not the first time that Mohamed Salah has been condemned for falling too easily and fast to the ground.

In short, back then in November, Tony Cascarino also criticized Mohamed Salah for abusing Nobby Stiles in the week that the winner of the last England World gave up the ghost with a dive to gain a penalty vs West Ham.

Here is what Cascarino wrote in The Times:

“I am a Liverpool supporter but I hated to see Mohamed Salah dive to win the penalty against West Ham.

He further mentioned:

“In the week when we lost Nobby Stiles, to see a player do what Salah did. Makes me think that the game was played by the England team of 1966. Will be gone completely within the next ten years.”

He continued:

“Imagine showing that generation an example of what they would have considered cheating being rewarded in that way.

The culture started to change during my playing career. And now when I watch kids play football. They are all as good at diving as they are at everything else.

And when I say good at it, I mean they go down in a way that may deceive a referee into giving a free-kick.”

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