The eight-round exhibition fight between heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson and Roy Jones has been adjourned. Mike who retired from professional boxing 15 years ago was keen to return to the ring. The 54 years old Tyson will have to wait a little longer after the fight between his counterpart Jones was postponed. The fight was supposed to hold on September 12 and now has been pushed further to September 28.

tyson vs jones

The California state commission who is licensing the fight told Sky Sports. The (CSAC) is licensing the mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr match scheduled to hold in Los Angeles as the eight-round exhibition match.

In this match, the referee has the power to put an end to the match if there are boundaries of a competitive boxing exhibition.

Tyson and Jones are meant to submit all CSAC medical tests for fighters that are over 40 as well as CSAC emergency regulations that have been put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The reason for the rescheduling is believed to be financial reasons. Tyson and his team believe that they can increase their revenue by pushing the fight further. Both teams held a meeting and they both agreed on adjusting the date of the fight. However, the two boxing champions have spoken with confidence ahead of the fight.

Tyson Confident speech

Tyson said in his statement, that his aim is knockout despite that the fight is an exhibition match. Furthermore, he said if the opportunity comes I am always looking for it. I went on my journey to go on this plan and a lot of people are talking about it which gives me joy. But, as I said formerly, this is search and destroy and I am looking forward to capturing my glory.

The fighting game is what I am about and hurting people is what I am about too. I am not concerned about getting hurt, we are professional boxers and we know how to take care of ourselves. Whatever happens, happens.

Roy Jones confident on Winning Tyson

Tyson’s opponent, Roy Jones is confident he will survive the early rounds and take out Tyson in the later rounds.

Jone said, don’t think I am not seeing the weed-smoking videos. don’t think I am not seeing all of that. I know what is happening. I am not going in the ring and try to take him out in the first round like I am a fool. He is good early. Although he is a strong lion but has a cheetah mentality. A cheetah mentality which obviously means I gotta get it fast. If I don’t get fast, that cheetah has lost breath. If you don’t get it quick it belongs to me then.

Jones told sky sports that the exhibition would be extra competitive and he expects to face the old Tyson. He will be powerful. He won’t have lost his strength or explosiveness.

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