Stock city head coach Michael O’Neil has been tested positive for covid-19 after some series of tests. Following the news. The Manchester united team took off immediately before a friendly match between stock city and the red devils.

Michael O'Neil

The match was supposed to be played at Carrington until the Message was sent to them. That manager O’Neil had been tested positive for corona disease. Six test has been done on O’Neil for corona virus. He was given the result of his test just before the friendly match against Man united.

They were all present in the united training ground before the news, none of the players came in close contact with each other. Stock city has now confirmed that their manager is positive for the corona virus disease. He will now be isolated from the other players and family to avoid spreading the disease. While he can still be communicated with through virtual mediums.

The premier league and other leagues seized to play soccer in late March due to the covid-19 virus. And now the premier Leagues is set to resume on June 17.

Players and managers in the premier league has been tested six times each for the pandemic disease that has stroke Europe and the world. It was recorded that only 13 people has been tested positive in a total of 6,274 test.

Manchester united who is sitting on the 5th position on the table is hoping to fight for a champions league spot. The red devils will resume the fight for champion’s league spot with a match against Tottenham on 19 June.

Stock city will also resume their championship battle in less than two weeks against Reading on June 20. Billy Mckinlay the assistant manager will now be in charge of training before Manager Michael O’Neil gets in full health condition.

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