Lionel Messi has avoided a ban for Argentina after being given a red in 2019. He was sent off the field in the third playoff game against Chile. Messi slammed and accused the officials of corruption in the tournament.


Lionel Messi was given his marching order controversially last year in the Copa America after a scuffle with Gary Medel and was given a ban. The South American football confederation stated that Messi will miss a competitive match to serve his ban. Later in the same year, Argentina played with Uruguay and brazil.

Messi has had a few weeks like a rollercoaster after taking a decision to remain in Barcelona following a standoff with new boss Ronald Koeman. He had a serious link to Manchester City but has committed himself to his boyhood club for next season.

Argentina FA president Claudio Tapia appealed against the ban ahead of their World cup qualifier against Ecuador and bolivia. He said the statute of limitations of the ban has expired. However, the appeal has been turned over and Messi will be able to play in the match next month.

Messi was shown a red card in the first half of the game after been caught in a collision with Chile midfielder Gary Medel. The duo were both given the same card. Although Messi was out of the match Argentina went on to win the game. It ended in a 2-1 with Aguero and Dybala scoring for Argentina.

Messi comments after red card and ban

The Argentine international said after the red card that officials were rigging the tournament in the favour of Brazil.

“There is no doubt the whole setup was for Brazil. I hope the VAR referees don’t play any role in the final and that Peru can compete, but it’s hard to me.

“I don’t want to be part of this corruption, we should not be part of the disrespect we underwent in the Copa America. We could have been in the final but we weren’t allowed to. Corruption referees and the rest stopped people from enjoying football.

I am always truthful and honest, that is what keeps me calm, If what I say has a repercussion, it doesn’t concern me. I think that what happened is because of what I said against Brazil. What I said has come to haunt me.

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