Barcelona’s new signing, Martin Braithwaite could take over Antoine Griezmann’s attacking role if he refuses to improve in the team soon. On Saturday Barcelona resumed their fight for the Spanish league title as they trashed Mallorca in a 4-0 win.

Barca captain, Lionel Messi Had an efficient impact on the team and even had a goal to make Barcelona victorious. Messi’s co-attacking star Griezmann didn’t pay off as expected.


During summer last year, Griezmann was at the top of the game as a professional player. He was made the second most expensive player that was signed in the team’s history after then he became a key player assisting Luiz Suarez and Lionel Messi.

Griezmann is Not fit for League Resume

It’s been three months since football was suspended in Spain and Griezmann has proved that he has not regained full fitness. hasn’t been able to adapt to the game.

In the match against Mallorca, Suarez was supposed to be substituted for Barca’s new signing Martin Braithwaite. However, Griezmann was the person missing in the game.

Martin Braithwaite had an impressive debut for Barca, he got his first goal for the team and if Griezmann doesn’t step up his game it’s likely that he will be replaced by Braithwaite.

There is no doubt that Griezmann has been hard-working since he been playing with Barca. He was spotted helping the defense squad during the first half against Mallorca. It’s clear that Barca didn’t buy him to be a defender. Instead, he was bought to help strengthen the attacking squad and score goals. Griezmann’s performance for the club has not been up to par.

Martin Braithwaite Happy for His Debut Goal

On the other hand, Braithwaite was the opposite of Griezmann. He proved his worth when he ran off the ball and created space for Arturo Vidal and de jong. Apart from that Braithwaite showed the club that he has scoring skills as well.

Martin Braithwaite

Braithwaite who is a former Leganes striker got his debut for Barca was scored in the 37th minute of the game after got a header from Messi. He revealed that it was a remarkable moment for him. Scoring a goal for Barca and he is more focused on winning more games for them.

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