Lionel Messi set to move to the premier league. After so much drama in the champions league and Spanish La Liga of this season, the Argentine international has become closer than ever to leave Barca and it has been a piece of shocking news for the world.

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It was confirmed by many sources that lionel Messi sent the club fax message on Tuesday, expressing his desire to terminate his contract and leave Barcelona this summer. Messi’s contract is still ongoing until 2021 and has a whooping release clause to boot. However, it remains to be seen if the club will fight to keep him at the club for more seasons.

It’s reported that Messi has a clause in his deal. The clause would allow him to leave the club on a free transfer. But the expiry date for the clause is June 10, this means that it is no longer available.

Nevertheless, Messi has made his feelings known to the club after a humiliating loss against Bayern Munich. Although, it might be in Barcelona’s interest not to force Lionel Messi to stay in the club. Moreover, Lionel Messi has been determined on leaving Barca.

Where could Messi go after he leaves Barca? Most football fans have been keen to know where the argentine will go if he leaves Barcelona. Although they have been speculations of him going to the premier league club Manchester city. A reunion of Messi and Pep Guardiola is likely to be the most likely option if he heads to England.

When it comes to football transfers and you talk about Messi, you are talking about one of the biggest transfers in football history. It only takes some selected clubs the finances and features it takes to sign Lionel Messi. But the most speculated possibility is that of Messi and Manchester city Pep Guardiola reunion after their separation for eight years.

Marcelo Bechler report on lionel Messi departure from Barca

The theory that Messi wants to leave the club was supported by Brazilian Journalist Marcelo Bechler. After he gave a report that the 33 years old argentine intends to leave Barcelona.

According to Bechler’s report, he said Messi intends to spend next season in Manchester city if he leaves Barcelona. Guardiola and Messi are said to have had a conversation. And Messi has been apparently attracted by the Mancity project as well as the attractive and passing style of football they play.

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