Lewis Hamilton said in a statement that he feels like the Formula one didn’t go for break. The F1 champion has been out of the wheels for 3 months since the Formula one has been out of action due to the global pandemic.

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Hamilton and Bottas were called for test on Tuesday. They made use of a two years old when their speed in preparation for the formula one resumption. The test was done due to the health and safety protocol that was brought to the F1 before resumption on July 3 in Austria.

Lewis Hamilton said in a video it’s great to back in the car and it a lot of fun. You always get this feeling of something fresh or new after been away from the garage for the first time. It doesn’t matter how long you have been away.

It’s obvious that this is an old car, but it was fantastic. In summary we got through a solid programme.

Valtteri said his day was dry, my day beginning in a wet way, it was quite a greasy Silverstone track. But it obvious i grew up in this kind of weather. I am used to it and i can still feel good when driving the car.

One of the formula driver talked about drivers getting time for preparation for the race resumption. Hamilton said he doesn’t feel have any issue about returning to the cockpit.

Lewis said he never felt like he left the water, so it’s probably positive. Every time there is a big break, it’s been 103 days i think, you have a thought if you could still drive. It’s nice to know I can still drive, I am ready and i have a positive feeling about it.

I hope you are all doing well and you are happy for what is coming up.

Mercedes resumed training protocol after the corona virus outbreak, all team mates are adhering to the social distance policy that was introduced. Ferrari team and Mercedes teams are the only teams conducting test for their drivers. Using former formula one vehicles for preparation before the season starts on July 5.

Other team drivers have been making use of junior formulae cars. Lando Norris and Alexander Albon completed their running at Silverstone stone before using junior formulae cars.

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