Former Asian junior triathlon medalist Choi Suk Hyeon has reportedly died at her dormitory in Busan last month. According to reports, she has sought help from many public institutions but was ignored.


In a journal entry, Choi Suk-Hyeon says she’s shedding tears every day. The South Korean killed herself after enduring so many years of verbal and physical abuse from her coaching staff. She has made complaints to sporting authorities but she reportedly ignored.

The 22 years old Choi Suk-Hyeon was once a bronze champion in the junior women event at the 2015 Asian triathlon championship in Taipei. According to screenshots that were widely circulated of her last text message when she was conversing with her mother. She begged her to Lay bare the sins of those abusing her.

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In the 2016 national championship elite women division Choi came to the fourth position but failed to accomplish her early promises. She later dropped to 14th position in the same contest last year. in a journal that Choi wrote, she said. It was raining and I was beaten so badly. I shed tears every day. Many reports from the South Korean media said Choi compiled many audio recordings of been physically abused.

In a file broadcast by a news station, her coach was furious she had added weight. Her coach said you have to avoid eating for three days, you promised me you would take responsibility. he added, Clench your teeth, after that a sound of a sharp slap was heard.

Choi Suk Hyeon faces molestation from coach

Team officials forced her to eat 200,00 won-worth $166 of bread as a source of punishment for failing to maintain her weight. A complaint was shared by the Korean athlete to the Korean sport and Olympic committee in April seeking an investigation. But an acquaintance said she sought for aids from different public institutions but they all ignored her.

KSOC has denied that I never ignored her complaints, they said a female investigator was sent after receiving her plea in early April. It promised to take serious reaction against those involved in an expression of profound regret due to the incident. They also said that prosecutors are now looking into the issue.

South Korea president called for critical measures to prevent any future rights abuse tied to sports. He said it was a problem that Choi’s complaints were not addressed in a proper way.

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