Anthony Joshua has reacted to critics that said he was a racist during the Black live matters in Watford. The heavyweight champion while addressing the crowd on Saturday said racism is pandemic. The speech he read said, “This out of control and I am not talking about COVID 19. The virus I am talking about is racism.

 Anthony Joshua

The 30 years old high profile Britain athlete was present in a peaceful protest where he read out a speech to the crowd. The speech which came with as a poem was read on behalf of a friend that was absent in the protest but he made a video that was posted on the media for clarification.

While making his statement he mentioned names of people calling him a racist. In the video, Joshua made a statement saying, “Show them where it hurts. Abstain from spending your money in their shops and economies, and invest in black-owned businesses.” He was criticized afterward for making the statement.

Joshua took to twitter adding more by saying, Go f*** yourself if you think I am racist. He took further to explain by saying, if you watch the full video, the speech was for someone to read and I took the lead.

“I personally spoke from the heart about the Watford community. Ideas of us personally investing 7 figures to create unity and opportunities and adding change to the African/ Caribbean community. Shops are not the issue here. Before you talk s***, you better boycott racism.” I said what I said and I will add changes.

The peaceful protest which was a huge turnout was led by Anthony Joshua from the center of the town to Cassiobury Park where Joshua read his statement. Joshua who is a Nigerian born has made himself and his home country proud and popular. Without his career, he has traveled to various African countries flaunting the African continent tattoo on his hand.

Joshua was also criticized for breaching the government’s social distancing policy, protesters were close to each other during the protest. He reacted to it saying. “I understand the concerns in regards to social distancing”. “I hope those complaining about social distancing has the same energy about those planning to gather at the beach and those going to a park for a picnic.

Joshua who was dressed in black appeared in the protest with a knee brace after obtaining an injury during training. Joshua has a plan to support the black community and urges the Government to do the same. He shared his teenage experience of trying not to get in trouble. And he also talked about how the issue of racial indifference should be understood and addressed.

So many peace protests have been done following the death of the black American. George Floyd who was murdered by a white Minneapolis officer in the United States of America.

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