Jake Hepple, the Burnley fan who was known to be part of the white live matter banner that was carried by plane over Etihad stadium has been expelled from his job. The banner was fled by a plane After the match between Manchester City and Burnley on June 22.


Jake Hepple worked as a welder in a firm but has now been sacked for taking responsibility for the action that took place on Monday. The company he works for said They don’t tolerate such attitudes.

Hepple gave a statement saying, He is not racist. I

know people are trying to make it out to be a racist but I am not. I have a lot of Black and Asian friends and this banner was inspired by the Black lives Matter movement.


We were not trying to offend the movement or to offend blacks. I just a belief that white lives matter as much as blacks do. That’s all we are trying to let people know.
He said also, The club, my employer, and every other person has totally gotten it wrong.

Hepple’s girlfriend was also sacked at her work due to the alleged racist post. The firm where Hepple worked gave a statement that said. It was brought to our notice that one of our employees has posted and twitted comments of an abhorrent racial nature.

They added, We are glad for the person that brought these comments to us and we assure you that we will solve the issue internally.

Jake Hepple won’t face criminal charges

Jake won’t face criminal charges but he has been dismissed by his company.

The department of Lancashire said we have detected that it was just a breach of the company’s policies and procedures. Chief superintendent Russ Procter of the Lancashire police said After going through the information about the incident. We have finalized that there are no criminal offenses that have been found by this time.

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