According to Manchester united officials, it was confirmed that the red devils will not pay the amount of £50m for Borussia Dortmund’s key man, Jadon Sancho.

jadon sancho

The English winger is hungry to go back to the premier league but Man united and Dortmund are poles away from making the deal. Borussia Dortmund is demanding £100m for Jadon Sancho which they paid Mancity £8m in August 2017. Manchester United has refused to pay the requested amount for the English boy. However, they have only agreed to pay half of £100m bid for Sancho.

Manchester is likely to miss out on signing Sancho unless he remains in Germany this summer and moves later. United remains the only club that is fully interested in signing the winger. But officials in old Trafford believe Dortmunds valuation does not sufficiently reflect how expensive the valuation is, not minding the coronavirus pandemic. However, the valuation should be cut off substantially before a deal can be reached.


The red devil is yet to make their approach official for Sancho. He has scored 17 goals and made 16 assists for Dortmund in the league so far. Dortmund told the german stock market that matches played behind closed doors will lead to £41million loss. That could give united the hope that the club may consider cutting the price for Jadon Sancho.

The transfer window is opening in July but it seems like Dortmund will not change the valuation to more than half of what is demanded. Sancho who joined Borussia for £8m in 2017 has now turned to be one of the best players in the club.

Dortmund aims to make a huge profit for the English player and it seems like a move to the premier league is closer not until a doubt has been cast on the potential transfer.

Ole Gunnar talks about Jadon Sancho

During an interview with Manchester United coach, Ole Gunnar. He was asked about the recent signing talk from Dortmund, he said. “I am good at math, but I have no answer to that question. “There are many good players on many teams”. We have had a good dialogue the whole time. “We have had a plan for it since I signed in 2019.

Ole gunnar

It has been three months since the lockdown and we will have to play in front of the empty pitch if we will play in the champions league next season. “They are a lot of things which can be factored in terms of what we can do when the season is over.

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