After the murder of the African American citizen George Floyd, many protests have been held in the case of creating awareness for racial injustice all over the world, Bandari told BBC radio 4 in a program.

George Floyd

That the kneeling strategy of protest is a very vital image of protesting. He said it’s proper for everyone to protest against racial injustice and if anyone wishes to protest they should go ahead and make it happen.

Bandari said, after scoring a goal in a match and you feel you want to take knee jubilation, go ahead and do it, you won’t be booked and the entire team won’t be booked either for doing the same. It’s a gesture that represents solidarity.

FA makes a protest statement

The FA also made a statement. It said that it firmly against the issue of discrimination of anyone. And will make sure that English football is divergent and included in the modern years.

Any action or activities possessed on the pitch that falls in the similarity of breaching the law of the game will be investigated and the investigations will be carried out in a reasonable way and the meaning they carry will well understood.

Football has an ultimate power which everyone respects very well, football has the ability to break barriers in communities across the globe and we are taking every necessary step to eradicate any forms of racism in the sport and also the world.

Premier League clubs protest against Racism

The premier league champion. Liverpool posted a picture on the club’s social media. On Monday during a training section at Anfield. Liverpool players gathered at the center of the pitch as a form of solidarity for George Floyd.

Who was killed by a police officer in May. The Manchester United forward and midfielder, Marcus Rashford, and Paul Pogba also showed concerns and expressed their feelings by joining the protest.

The Newcastle team also joined the protest during training hours at the club’s pitch. Before commencing training, the Chelsea team and it coaching staff came together to protest, they made an “H” letter which signifies Human and kneeling in accordance to show support for the #BlackLivesMatters Movement.

The former Manchester United mid-fielder Yaya Toure also said he was much excited seeing people react about the issue. He said on his twitter handle. We all have the responsibility of fighting against Discrimination. It’s one of the major problems the world is facing now, so we all need to do it together.

Bundesliga team players booked for protesting

During the Bundesliga game during the weekend in Germany against Borussia Dortmund vs. Paderborn, Sancho Jadon of Borussia scored three goals among which he celebrated his first goal by pulling off his jersey.

And his inner shirt has a write up that says. “Justice for George Floyd”, he was booked for the action he took. Marcus Thuram of Borussia Monchengladbach scored a goal in a match against her rival Union Berlins. Then went down on his knees in solidarity for the George Floyd.

The players received praises for what they have done but the German FA will place them on investigation for making use of political languages on the field of play.

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