Fernando Alonso who was a two-time world champion will turn 39 by late July. And has signed a contract with Renault and will be confirmed soon. He will be putting on the cloth with which he used to win his world championship. With the same team he has driven twice in his career.


Alonso left Mclaren in 2018 after four disappointment. He is now ready to make his third attempt to win the Indianapolis 500 with Mclaren august. According to a spokesperson for Renault, he said the team declined to comment on rumors.

Why Fernando Alonso choose to come back to F1

The f1 driver will partner the french man Esteban Ocon and replace Australian Driver Daniel Ricciardo. Ricciardo will be joining McLaren at the end of this season. Before he left f1, Alonso said he was doing so because he had achieved more than what he expected from the formular1. And he is felt it time for him to achieve more outside the f1. But it is known that Alonso had talks with Renault in November last year and in May this year, his adviser said he was ready and motivated to race again in the formular1.


Insiders said they believe the time he was away from f1 has reminded him that there are no motorsports that give the same satisfaction just as the F1. But Alonso has to accept that he is unlikely to be competitive straight away. By next year teams will have to use the same cars as in 2020. These were a result of the rule change that was introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. And the Renault car was a midfield car at the season-opening race in Austria at the weekend.

Alonso will hope the new technical rule being introduced in 2022 in an attempt to close up the field as well as a budget cap on teams.

The Spaniard has won 32 Grand Prix across three teams (Renault, Mclaren, and Ferrari). But he has found unable to win a third crown. He came within a handful of points in 2007, 2010, and 2012. He won his last race and finished on the podium in 2013.

Alonso’s come back will also end speculations that Sebastian Vettel dropped by Ferrari for 2021 to make space for Mclaren’s Carlos Sainz might join the team next to Ocon.

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