Facebook gaming has been brought to mobile and it has been among one of the best game streaming mediums. Facebook joins Amazon twitch and YouTube gaming in a competition of game streaming.

Facebook Gaming

FB gaming was launched in 2018 and it began its life as an independent hub. The hub provided a landing page for live streamers and the opportunity to find streams and live stream gameplay primarily.

What is Facebook gaming App?

Before the gaming app was brought to the mobile app it was available on the Facebook app and now it has its personal app where it can be easily accessed.

The app was tested in Asia and Latin America in 2018 and has now made it accessible by launching it on the Google Playstore for only android users, it will be available for IOS devices as soon as Apple makes an approval to it.

Facebook has gone haywire with the different types of apps under the same brand few of these apps are Facebook paper and the Facebook camera not mentioning Whatsapp and Instagram and these apps are available for download and they don’t cost money, you can get them for free.

Just in case you are bothered about how to use the Facebook gaming app or how to get one for your device. We have got you covered on how you can get the app and stream what game you like. Just keep on scrolling and enjoy your game streaming cruise.

How to download your Facebook gaming app

Downloading the Facebook dating app is just so easy. You don’t really need to go through a long process. All you need is an android device and mobile data so you can access the internet. Put in mind that the Facebook gaming app is only available for android devices for now but it will be available for IOS devices soon.

  • Open your Google play store app on your android device, you have different fun loaded apps and games.
  •  Click on the search box located at the top of your Playstore home screen.
  • Type “Facebook gaming app” on the search box, a list of apps will come up.
  • Click the app that has a white G icon with a blue background.
  • Click install and your download will commence immediately.
  • After it has downloaded, it will install automatically, and there you have your gaming app.

After you finish installing your gaming app now you are set to stream but you still have to the unfinished job. Let’s see what it is.

How can I start streaming on my Facebook gaming app?

Probably you have seen other game streamers on Facebook gaming and you also want to be among the trend. It is quite easy to be a game streamer too, all you have to do is join the streaming page Facebook provided.

  • Join the page by signing up for the gaming creator community.
  • Create a game video page.
  • Use split, Stream labs OBS or OBS classic studio to create a software.
  • Get all setting right and create a scene in the software.
  • Prepare your stream and access your stream key by visiting the “creator dashboard”.
  • Now you are done, you can enjoy your game streaming.

Now everything is done you can choose to live to stream your favorite games and get people to watch you play.

You can follow your favorite game streaming on your app. Just go to the “Streams by game” category, search preferred game to follow, and click “add to games”. A link will be provided in your game hub, you can access it anytime you want and various streams on the game.

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