Dallas’ Luka Doncic has the best-selling jersey in Phillippines, shooting past more established players such as LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers and Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers

The Lakers remain the most popular team in the Philippines, followed by the Mavericks, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, and La Clippers

Dallas Luka



But having young stars like Doncic and Williamson has an immediate impact bodes well for the future of the league, Levy said

Aside from Dallas’ Luka Doncic and Willamson, Levy also touted the increasing popularity of the Atlanta guard Trae Young and Memphis guard Ja Morant

” Our No One of the best-selling jerseys in the Phillippines was Luka Doncic”, NBA Asia general manager Scott Levy said yesterday in a conference call with reporters.

” I know LeBron is popular, but Luka Doncic is also popular as is Zion( Williamson), and LeBron has a nice running mate at Anthony Davis, and he has also become popular,” he added

James as number 2, followed by Leonard Davis, In his first season with the Lakers, arrives at No 4 whiles New Orleans rookie Willaimson Completes the top 5

Globally, James remains the top jersey seller among NBA players as he embarks on his 17th season in the League

“We’re really blessed to have all these incredible athletes out there, and they just keep joining the league every single year, We’re in a very healthy state for on-court talent right now,” he said

“There are players that will be coming in a few months when we do the draft, that people are just as eager to see to perform”, he added.



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