Christiano Ronaldo will likely leave Juventus this summer after playing for the club for two seasons. The Portuguese 35-year-old is prepared for another challenge after the disappointment at the end of 2019/2020.

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The French side, Paris Saint-German has been linked with Ronaldo. And they are one of the few clubs who could afford Ronaldo’s enormous wage. Andrea Pirlo is eager to get Ronaldo’s huge salary off the book this summer. It was reported if only he has the desire to leave.

This could likely see Ronaldo and Messi play in the same team. Juventus board are reportedly going to have a meeting today to determine who will leave the club between Paulo Dybala and Ronaldo due to financial issue.

The Italian giants can only afford to keep only one at the club. As they run out finance and desire to bring in at least one winger, one right back, and one striker.

Ronaldo and Dybala have their contract at the club till next year’s summer and the club could make £50m and £90m for either Ronaldo or Dybala.

I don’t think it will be easy to get him off the club easily. He has been offered to different clubs including Barcelona, Balague told 5 live sport. Who will pay such amount of money?

Ronaldo and Messi in one team? That would be too much to take care of. Sadly, it might not happen due to the financial situation going on with the club. The club lacks funds right now and it won’t be easy to handle Messi and Ronaldo wage. Barcelona was hit hard by the coronavirus during March. And won’t be able to spend too much on transfers this summer as they look forward to bridging the gap between Real Madrid.

The duo has been battling for who is better and has kept fans speculating for over a decade. They both share 11 Ballon d’Or as Messi has 6 awards in his side and Ronaldo has 5 awards to himself. When you sum their goals, it is up to 1,272 in their career which is more than some players of the same position.

Christiano Ronaldo has 2 years remaining in his contract after he signed a four year deal with the club in 2018. He has not made or shown any interest in leaving Juve but with the current sack of Maurizio Sarri, his future in the club remains unknown. After the arrival of new manager Pirlo, the club looks forward to cutting off some Players such as Aaron Ramsey and Dybala potentially. After losing the champions league quarterfinal against Lyon, Juventus want to rebuild the club for next season.

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