Bundesliga and other German league division clubs said they are ready to allow some of the fans back into stadiums next season if the country authorities give the opportunity to the leagues this august. German football league CEO Christain Seifert said the possibility of fans returning to the stadiums depends only on the permission of the political leaders.


Seifert said in a news conference, If and when fans will return to the stadiums not to be decided by the DFL but the political leaders.

The DFL doesn’t expect or demand anything but we are preparing to take this small step when the time comes. The importance is not a full stadium but the health and welfare status. We should not take the risk that is not important but we should also not capitulate and just expect it to go away.

The ministers of health in all the German states are expected to meet next week to discuss the issue. And the new Bundesliga season starts on September 18. the German cup will resume one week before the Bundesliga.

Seifert added Professional football can resume in steps. There is no magic that will make the politicians give the go-ahead for a full stadium. It will take a step before it will happen. We will have to go back to normal ways slowly.

The CEO continued by saying, internationals supporters will not be entertained till the end of the year even if fans will be accepted in stadiums to avoid further spread or resurrection of the virus. There will be no standing tribunes and no alcohol sales.

No one will demand a specific number of fans because it will be irresponsible.

The Bundesliga was the first major league to resume football after the lockdown earning credits for its safe atmosphere. Including health safety protocol that was copied and followed by other European leagues. But the league matches were played behind locked doors. The German authority has banned all event that carries a large crowd until October 31.

The country is scared of the second infection wave that might them after recording an increase from 879 to 211,280. Death rate also increased from 8 to over 9,000.

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