Recently, Brazil has done more hosting when it comes to international competitions. They were responsible for hosting the Copa America in 2019 and the Word cup in 2014. They also hosted the Olympic in 2016 and now the CBF has thoughts of allowing other countries host the women world cup.


Brazil stood out of candidacy in hosting the 2023 Women world cup due to financial fears after the pandemic.

The Brazilian football confederation has disagreed with it government wanting to host the next female world cup saying it not a wise decision to host the world cup due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Columbia gets help from Brazil

Columbia has high hopes of being the first South American country to host The FIFA women world cup. But it seems like they are now considered as the outsider in the fight for who will host the world cup. Europe, Asia  and North America are the only continent to host the women world cup.

Brazil look forward to support Columbia who qualified for two women’s world cup. In their proposal against japan with a joint bid from Australia and New Zealand to host the tournament.

FIFA to announce who will host world cup

On June 25 FIFA will vote and select who will host the competition.
CBF said, “Due to the financial somberness that was brought on by the corona virus pandemic, the government figured it would not be prescribed to sign the certifications immediately that was requested by FIFA.

Other countries who showed interest in hosting the world cup was Belgium, South Africa, Argentina and Bolivia. They all dropped interest leaving Japan with a bid from Australia and New Zealand.

France hosted the 2019 edition of the women world cup which took up to 1 billion people around the world to watch.

Due to the corona virus pandemic competitions has been postponed. This include the women football. The Olympic Games has been shifted to 2021 with the European championship which will be played in 2022.

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