Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu restated that he has no doubt that Messi will sign a fresh contract. But he also said that the coronavirus lockdown had reduced the club’s revenue by 30 percent and would limit transfer activities.

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In an interview that was published by Barcelona Bartomeu said. “Messi has always said he wants to retire in Barcelona and I have no doubt he will resign.

The Argentinian international will see his contract end in June 2021. And it was reported by the local radio station Cardena Ser that Messi has refused to talk about his contract extension. Lionel Messi has had a disagreement with the club’s board. However, there is ongoing speculation that Messi has some issues with Barcelona. The Barca was talking about Neymar coming back to Barca. He said, now decisions is been made, if they don’t come as part of a player exchange program, it is very difficult for them to come.

Messi reacted publicly when sporting director eric Abidal blamed players of the sacking of former coach Ernesto Valverde in January. Messi was criticized when Barca backslid to the second position after coronavirus break and allowed Real Madrid to win the Spanish La Liga.

Bartomeu said Barca had lost 200 million euros due to the coronavirus lockdown that started in March. The cub will fall short of 1,100 million euros under a five-year plan to next season.

Formerly, ex Barca player Luiz Garcia said that Messi can easily continue playing for Barcelona till 2025. Since March we have hardly gotten one euro. We to close museums and shops. There were no ticket sales we returned the rest of the season ticket for the matches that were not played.

The damages were limited because players agreed to get pay cuts and exploiting temporary rules allowing it to cut pay to employees.

If anyone thinks the pandemic does not affect Barca they are wrong. It affected the biggest clubs in Europe. And it affected Barca which makes money most. He added Despite the reductions we will continue to be the leaders in the revenue.

Bartomeu said another priority was to persuade the German goalkeeper Ter Stegen, whose contract will expire in 2022 to renew his contract with the club not because of his quality but his personality as a goalkeeper. He was one of the best three goalkeepers in the world at the age of 28. He is a pillar of the dressing room and the future.

Barcelona president said he was not really concerned about Uruguayan Luiz Suarez, who will become a free agent next year depending on the amounts of games he plays the contract automatically renew for 2021/22 season.

Bartomeu also said the signing of Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez is on hold for now.

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