Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has so much confidence on Aubameyang staying in the team for another. The arsenal striker has one year left before his contract expires. Aubameyang has spoken out on how his next move will look like, presenting one of the biggest decisions of his career.

Arteta, Aubemeyang

Aubameyang confirmed that there have been no offer yet, but Arteta is certain that ongoing discussions will warrant to Aubameyang changing his mind in arsenal’s favor.

Arteta said there are many talks to be done with his family and agent and i am pretty sure that, there will be a positive agreement for all parties.

It’s our duty to make him know he is still needed in the team, we have to make him understand that it the right step he is taking.

He needs to feel that he belongs to us and we need him. He has to believe that we can make the club move forward and he has to be in the team before we can do that.

Aubameyang made it clear to Telefoot that, the decision lies in the hand of arsenal. He said, it’s up to them to do their job and we see what happens next.

He also said that the choice will be tough to make. It could be the one of the best important decision of my career but nothing has been decided for now.

As the captain of the team it is quite a god deal for arteta who is aware of clubs interested in the whole continent. The manager believes there would have been a clarity for contract if not for the corona virus pandemic.

Arteta praises Aubameyang and the team

The Arsenal manager said he is happy about how his performance has been and how his behavior has been too. “We have had a good relationship. we could talk about so many things face to face, with the way everything is going he is aware he is happy at the club.

It clear that this unprecedented times bring a lot of uncertainty. We are lucky to have the club behind us, so players want to come and join us.

We are not talking about who we want to attract, it’s about how happy the players in the team are. How convincing it is for them to know they are in the right place. It is also duty to fight for the champion’s league and every other trophies.

Arsenal will face their rival Manchester city at Etihad stadium on Wednesday night. Arsenal are eight points away from the top four flight. This is first match Arteta will play against Pep Guardiola since he left man city.

Arteta said he has been an influential person to him since he was 16 at Barcelona. They have spent some incredible time together and he has impacted so much in his coaching and playing career.


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