Former MLB star Aubrey Huff has called Kenosha shooter kyle Rittenhouse a national treasure after the teenager was arrested for killing two protesters on 25 August.

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Aubrey Huff tweeted on his handle on Wednesday. The tweet said #KyleRittenhouse is a national treasure,

Huff post gathered more than 2,700 likes and 1,165 retweets and comments. The post also attracted different reactions of disgust and support before it was deleted the next day. 43 Years old Aubrey who helped the giants to the 2010 world series win has made headlines before he made his controversial tweet.

After the giants promoted Alyssa Nakken to assistant coach that made her the first full-time female assistant coach in the major league. Huff made a tweet, “This has #metoo & #BelieveAllWomen wrote all over it. Only in @SFGiants.” He also made another post, “Couldn’t imagine taking baseball instruction from an ex female softball player.”

He was excluded in the giants 10 years world series reunion in February due to his social media activity. The team said his opinions were not welcomed and it runs counter to the values of the organization. However, he said he shocked and was also disappointed over the decision that was made, but he blew it off.

If it wasn’t for me, there would have been no reunion, he said to the athletic. “But if they want to stick to their politically correct progressive bull***t, that’s fine.

Rittenhouse was charged on Wednesday with first-degree intentional homicide for shooting a man in the head. He also pulled the trigger on another man in the chest. The action took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The teenage boy who is from Antioch, Illinois will be in court on Friday following the homicide. Riots have been ongoing in the state of Wisconsin after the police shot Jacob blake.

Black Leaders in Wisconsin have called out for the militias to banned after the shooting of two Black lives Matter protesters.

National Urban League president and CEO also joined in the leads of three Wisconsin based affiliates of the group to end the violence against protesters

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